Woodbury Heights
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Do not hide from firefighters.

Teaching kids how firefighters look and sound with air masks saves lives.

 Working smoke alarms in your home  double the chance of surviving fire. 

 Children mistakenly believe that they can control the fires that they set. Once

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Over 40% of juvenile firesetters are under age 5.  Firesetting is the largest cause of home deaths among children where almost 34% of the victims of child-set fires are the children themselves.

  Smoke Alarms  

  40% of set fires are by Children







Plan for Our Community

Let's think about the Unthinkable...

Loss of life or property fires increasing 74%* in Woodbury in just six (6) years represents real tragedy.  Not talking about the fires is even worse.  Firefighters are not starting the fires so it's not that easy to prevent them but can help people prevent fires by learning about how fires happen.  No matter how heroic the extinguishing effort, the Woodbury Heights Fire Department reminds you that the ‘Best Emergency Never Happens.’  On positive news, overall fires with a loss of lives or property in Minnesota statewide has decreased 3%* during that same period. Our community’s individual priorities are decided not by firefighters but by voters and councils in local elections.  The City of Woodbury made a choice to cut fire prevention by over 245%* but the Woodbury Heights Fire Department is helping to fill that education vacuum.


If you have a fire, first get out and stay out, then call 911. 


Knowledge is empowering but only working smoke alarms save lives.  From when a smoke alarm sounds, you may have just two minutes to be outside.  Have a family meeting place and practice home fire drills annually.  Replace even working smoke alarms that are over ten years.  Interconnected smoke alarms, so if one detects smoke, all the alarms sound, provide the earliest warning.  Smoke alarms should be on each floor and both inside and outside each sleeping area.  Remember there are two ways out of sleeping areas.


Not talking about the risks we face doesn’t make fire go away, as Fire is Everyone's Fight ™. The Woodbury Heights Fire Department partners with FEMA and the United States Fire Administration, in fighting fire with information


*74% is from 34 loss fires up to now 59 loss fires annually in 2011 to 2017.

*3% is from 6,941 down to 6,756 loss fires annually in 2011 to 2017.

*245% is from over 210 city run  prevention events annually in 2010 to just 61 events for all of 2017